What is Movember?

Well, at least I know I have my priorities straight.  Here it is, 10:00pm on Tuesday night.  I still have to finish my readings for Digital History tomorrow, practice my presentation for the heritage designation meeting tomorrow night, not to mention start chipping away at all of the other assignments and projects that are due in the next few weeks.  However, the most pressing deadline is my Movember submission for Craig.  With just 2 hours left in the month-long campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer, I figured I better get my post up before the pages on the calender turn…

My Movember submission is dedicated to a true Canadian icon. Mr. George Alexander Trebek.

We all know Alex as the sometimes pretentious, often good-natured host of Jeopardy.  I recently wondered what qualified Alex Trebek to stand in front of three intelligent contestants and mock their incorrect answers, and, in looking at his Wikipedia entry, discovered that he isn’t a Rhodes scholar, Harvard grad or calculated genius.  He graduated from the University of Ottawa with a philosophy degree and then began a career in broadcasting with CBC.  However, for me, this information didn’t detract from Alex’s image or persona and I secretly aspire to earn his respect in a round of final jeopardy.

Alex Trebek sported his iconic mustache for 30 years, until he shaved it off in 2001. My research did not reveal a conclusive reason to explain why Alex made the change, but I can say that many websites, forums and blogs have been dedicated to the topic.

Thus, in honour of one of our country’s greatest mustaches and in in tribute to the man who so sagely sported it for 30 years, I leave you with this classic Alex Trebek moment.


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